About Us

About Claj Design Branding & PR Ltd

Claj Design Branding & Public Relation Designs Ltd was established in the year 2020 then operating under a registered business name Claj Media. We are now an incorporated company offering wide rage of quality Products and design solutions in the area of Corporate Branding, Interior & Graphic Design, Design Consultancy, Advertising, Advertising Consultancy, Office, Industrial and Safety Wears, PPE’s, Signages, Stickers & labels and packaging design.

Thanks to our dedicated team and experience, we have managed to supply our products and offered our services that have successfully solved the problems and satisfied our clients in all the areas mentioned above.

The leadership from Claj Design Branding & Public Relation Designs Limited drives best practices, improvement, service excellence and consistency around East Africa. The quality of our products and services is confirmed by a large number of our satisfied clientele.

The company has established close ties with major Local and International manufacturers to enable us provide quality products and services without any delays.

Our Mission

To be the market leaders, and continue playing our key roles in corporate social renponsiblities. We shall continue defining the future of Branding, Design, efficient services and products.

Our Vision

We believe we shall be the face of the World in offering excellent services and creating innovative products that will also transform the African Continent; We go above and beyond your expectations.

Our Core Values

  • Continuously improve the quality of our work and services.

  • Provide our employees with a secure, safe and conducive work environment.

  • Treat each other with respect and dignity.

  • Apply the highest set of standards of excellence to the procurement, supply and Delivery of our products